11th Street Cowboy Bar - The Biggest Little Bar In Texas, serving up beer and country western swing music in Bandera, Texas

GI Jive
Photo courtesy of www.swingcommandersupdates.co.uk.
Photo courtesy of www.swingcommandersupdates.co.uk.

Emory Quinn
Courtesy of www.swingcommandersupdates.co.uk.

Flights CMC (Southern Country) - Band of the Year

"The Swing Commanders took to the stage and took the place by storm! With three males, three females in the line-up it adds up to the perfect balance and with 14 different instruments being swapped about between them it was difficult to keep up with who was playing what and when! How can one band be blessed with such talent?

An absolute showcase of talent, although I would define this as more of an exciting experience than an evening of entertainment!

The Swing Commanders really deserve to be on the world stage for all to see and when they are, I, for one, will say I have been extremely privileged to experience a live Swing Commanders performance!"

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