11th Street Cowboy Bar - The Biggest Little Bar In Texas, serving up beer and country western swing music in Bandera, Texas

Dean Tinnin
Photo courtesy of www.sotrband.com.
Photo courtesy of www.sotrband.com.

Dean Tinnin
Courtesy of www.sotrband.com.

Band founder, lead vocalist, and rythym guitar player Dean Tinnin is no stranger to music. With a father having a degree in music education and a mother who has taught piano and choir for nearly fifty years he has been exposed to nearly every form of music in all genres. Dean says he does not have a favorite style of music, he just likes music that "feels good".

Dean has been playing country music since he was fifteen, however in the last few years he began to appreciate Texas songwriters for their courage to shun the "Nashville Machine" and produce their own brand of music, "Texas Country Music". "It takes alot of talent to do it all yourself" he says.

Dean has been influenced by the bands that are changing the face of country music and who have earned their place by writing, producing, and performing their own material.

Taking his fist shot at songwriting in 2004, he has written songs alone and with friend and co-writer Rob Atkins such as "Letting Go", "Pasture Party", "Stolen Rose" and others. Dean says "there is no greater reward than seeing people in the crowd dance while singing the words to your songs".

Dean believes that he is just a "baby in the business" and frequently voices his respect for other musicians on all levels in all genres. "Those guys you go see on stage didn't get there by accident, they earned it".

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