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Davin James
Photo courtesy of www.davinjames.com.
Photo courtesy of www.davinjames.com.

Davin James
Courtesy of www.davinjames.com.

One night in 1995, Texas music legend, Gary P. Nunn was handed a cassette tape. "That really started my musical career", says the forty-two year old singer/guitar slinger, Davin James. Gary P. called a few days later and said he wanted to cut four songs from that tape. That tape wound up being Davin's first CD, "Making My Mark", best known for the song "Guadalupe Days" and "Back in the Swing". The latter landed in the movie "Happy Texas".

In 1999, He released his second effort, "Nowhere Lounge". The title cut was written by his late father Mike James. "That record is very country. It's the one I wished my dad could have heard. I inherited music from my him. He was a great camp-fire performer."

It was during this time that Davin started doing many Larry Joe Taylor dates. "I think he hired me for my energy I brought to the stage. We have enjoyed touring and writing together." Davin has several co-writing credits on LJT recordings. Davin and Larry Joe still do a limited number of shows every year billed as James/Taylor. Their show is a variety of great songs and good humor wit.

Davin found success in 2001 with the critically acclaimed CD, "Magnolia". The title cut and another song, "Rolling Dice", charted on the newly formed Texas Music Chart. "Those two songs remain my most requested. I usually have to do 'Magnolia', a couple times per night." "Rolling Dice" enjoyed a radio and TV advertising campaign for Dodge.

In 2002, Davin started a singer-songwriter show in Old Town Spring (30 miles North of Houston). The venue is called Puffabellys. He has a guest join him every Wednesday for a song swap. His weekly guest list is quite impressive. Any given Wednesday, you may find the likes of Rusty Wier, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Gary P. Nunn, Larry Joe Taylor, Tommy Alverson, Max Stalling and Adam Carroll joining Davin, just to name a few!

After Magnolia's success, a newly formed label out of Dallas, Ranger Records, signed Davin to a three year deal. "We basically re-recorded Magnolia and shot a couple of videos. I got a really nice logo out of that deal! I call that, "The record that never was", adds Davin. When the Ranger deal ended, He put out a quick live record. In 2005, Davin started buying studio gear. He recorded "Palmer Lake" at home in his new studio, "The Tater Shed". It was released in 2006. "It's my favorite. It's not over done. It's more acoustic, and I love that."

2007 finds Davin healthy and happy doing his own thing. "I'm playing and singing better than ever. I'm really enjoying working these days. My music has taken me all over the world. I feel very blessed to be able to share the gift of music". Look for a new CD in Spring of 2008.

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