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Emory Quinn
Photo courtesy of www.emoryquinn.com.
Photo courtesy of www.emoryquinn.com.

Emory Quinn
Courtesy of www.emoryquinn.com.

“Emory Quinn, or EQ as they are called, is nothing but pure fun. They are not only extremely talented players of several instruments each, but they also are capable of crafting an evolving sound in each tune that is distinct but different in a way that sets the trend and does not follow it. Their music is a collection of cool grooving songs that are not country, not pop, and not Americana. They are all three at the same time. Emory Quinn is their own sound that can effortlessly cross the mainstream lines in the same CD with ease and versatility. If Emory Quinn could be explained in one word, it would be versatility.” Keith Howerton (www.texasmusictimes.com)

Emory Quinn got their start sometime in the fall of 2002 when Clint Bracher and Nathan Rigney first met on the campus of Texas A&M. Both had strong musical backgrounds and had previously been in bands, but few would have expected to see an open mic night at a bar on Wellborn road turn into a full time job playing over 120 shows in 2007. “The name Emory Quinn comes from our middle names, Nathan Emory Rigney and Clint Quinn Bracher. With Clint singing and playing rhythm guitar, and myself filling in on the rest, we started our first recordings in our dorm room and have since evolved into what we are today.” While at A&M, bass and keyboard player Case Bell joined the duo and has been playing with the group since. Troy Rios was hired as the drummer for Emory Quinn early in 2008.

The band recorded their much anticipated debut album entitled “Letting Go” in Dripping Springs, TX over the summer of 2006. The album features 12 tracks, 11 of which were written by lead singer Clint Bracher, and the 12th by a close friend of the band’s. On it they showcased their range of talent by recording all of music themselves. “Each tune is different and hard to describe, but they are all fantastic. Their debut CD is a must for anyone who is tired of the same trend in music. It is different and spot on. It is one of the best of the year so far.” Howerton

Every member of the group can play just about any instrument you put in front of them, and you will believe it once you see them in concert. They are now based out of San Antonio, Texas, but keep your eyes open and you are bound to see them out gallivanting around the state and beyond, impressing fans at every venue.

The music they play is truly diverse. If you ask them to define it they will probably each give you a different answer, as evidenced when they list their influences of Robert Earl Keen, Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Widespread Panic, James McMurtry and Jimmy Buffett just to name a few. Most of all they just enjoy playing music, and love being together as a band, traveling, and doing whatever they can to give their audience a good show.

Their sophomore album titled “The Road Company” was recently released in April of 2008. Like “Letting Go,” it features 12 tracks, 11 of which are written by Clint Bracher. In addition to being available on their website and at all live shows, also look for it on Itunes and other digital media outlets.

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