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Brent Allen Band
Photo courtesy of www.brentallen.net.
Photo courtesy of www.brentallen.net.

Brent Allen Band
Courtesy of www.brentallen.net.

Brent - Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar

Brent Allen is a native Texan from Austin Texas, and has been singing in some form or another since a very early age. In 2004 his musical career launched professionally as he recorded and released his first self-titled debut CD, Brent Allen, which has been called ...smart and powerful, meaningful and tender, and humorous and witty. Brent's music is based on his love for pure/true Texas country music!

This was only the beginning for Brent. He was approached by friend and colleague, Ande Rasmussen, then-President of the Austin Songwriters Group, a non-profit organization founded to help Austin's thriving musical community, about serving on the board of directors. Over the next three years, Brent served first at the board Secretary, and then would serve as Vice President through the end of 2006.

During this time, he became friends with producer Stephen Doster, who gladly accepted the role in producing Brent's next album. Doster is an accomplished producer and musician with many credits to his name; working with musical powerhouses such as Nanci Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Double Trouble and more.

2007 brings us Brent's 2nd CD which is nearing completion, after almost a year of pre-production. This 11 song album has guest musicians from current members of Asleep at the Wheel, George Strait's Ace in The Hole band, Redd Volkaert and Casper Rawls, among others. This recording will put Brent's uniquely resonant and beautiful vocals front and center in today's vast and booming Texas music scene.

The story behind the 2nd album doesn't end there - not by a long shot. Apart from being a great singer, Brent penned 6 of the 11 tracks himself on this release and co-wrote one with Doster. Of the 5 tracks remaining, there is a song written specifically for Brent by Philip Gibbs, a song written by Doster and Rick Cates, who served on the ASG Board with Brent, along with 2 additional covers.

The covers were chosen specifically by Brent, who pays tribute to the writers he's most been influenced by. He'll be covering "On the Road to My Heart" by Freddy Powers (Freddy wrote this song for his wife Catherine), and "Hair of the Dog" by Dale Watson, a man for whom Brent hopes to model his own career after, and also makes an appearance on the album!

Once the album is released, look for Brent to begin a heavy touring schedule to promote this long-awaited return to the thing he loves the most - performing in front of an audience with a true and unwavering passion for singing TEXAS country music.

Album Credits:
Produced by:
Stephen Doster (Nanci Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Double Trouble, Carolyn Wonderland)

With appearances by:
Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard, Brad Paisley)
Electric Guitar

Casper Rawls (Buck Owens, The Derailers)
Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Jason Roberts (Asleep at The Wheel, Van Morrison)
Fiddle, Mandolin, Mandola

David Sanger (Asleep at The Wheel, Aaron Watson)

Elizabeth McQueen (Asleep at The Wheel)
Background Vocals

John Michael Whitby (Asleep at The Wheel, George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band)

David Carroll (Billy Joe Shaver, Doug Sahm)
Bass Guitar

Marty Muse (Robert Earl Keen, Kevin Fowler)
Pedal Steel Guitar

Special appearance by:
Dale Watson
Carl Bounds - Lead Guitar

Born 1952, Houston, Tx. - age 55
I grew up in the fifties and sixties. My earliest influences were the fifties rockers I heard on the radio, inc. Elvis, Buddy Holly and the Everly Bros. In 1965 I got my first Sears & Roebuck guitar and amp, and the first song I remember learning note-for-note was Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". These early influences carried through to the early sixties soul music and all the great Stax artists we aped in bands during that time. The Beach Boys, the Ventures, and the great surf artists were also a huge influence in that time. Then came the Beatles, and their success opened the door for all the amazing British bands that were to become my primary influence. The Yardbirds with Jeff Beck became a turning point in my playing, and early Beck, Clapton, and Peter Green began to define the way I approached guitar. In 1967 I saw The Who in Houston, Tx. with Keith Moon on drums and heard Marshall amplifiers for the first time. The show ended, of course, in total destruction of the backline and drumkit, and for me that was all she wrote! Shortly after I saw Jimi Hendrix for the first time, and I had to go back and re-think all I had learned up until then. Jimi became my biggest influence, as he did for a young Bill Gibbons with a Houston band called "The Moving Sidewalks". Our paths crossed many times during the late sixties, my band opened for Billy's a couple times, and he became my biggest influence to that point. In 1971, I escaped Bryan-CS and came to Austin to go to U.T. and join the hippie movement as all my friends had. I completed one of the two objectives and finished one year at U.T. before starting to work in homebuilding, which I do to this day. During that time I played with the D.K.Little Band along with some well-known Austin musicians. We played everywhere from Austin, Dallas, Lubbock and points in between, in Austin mostly at the One Knite and the Armadillo where we opened for several big names, including Waylon Jennings. In 1973, I saw the Electromagnets at the Armadillo with a very young Eric Johnson on guitar. For me, it was a life-changing concert, and I wouldn't play out in another live venue for the next thirty years. After two long-term marriages, one of twenty years with two beautiful children, I began playing earnestly again in 2001. In '02 I met John Kuhns who helped coax me out of obscurity, and we did some recording together. Shortly thereafter I began playing country for a change of pace. I played with several different acts, then moved to Spicewood in 2004 and began playing regularly at Poodie's. In 2007 I answered an ad for a "country lead player needed for two gigs". It turned out to be my old friend, John Kuhns, and the rest as they say is, well - you know. I have a modest guitar and amp collection now, and I enjoy trying different combinations and finding new tones. I play mostly a B-bender Telecaster now, through a Dr. Z amp along with a couple other boutique amps from time to time. My biggest influences now are Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill and Pete Mitchell. I'm a single dad with a fifteen year-old son still at home, still doing home remodeling, and enjoying playing with Brent Allen!

Bill Swearingen - Drums
Bill Swearingen (Billiard) Dripping Springs TX. Age: 46 Started playing musical instruments at the age of “8”. Such as the Accordion/Piano/organ & singing at mostly at all school plays and recitals along with usually playing my Accordion also But my true love for music was to play the Drums. So after taking the Accordion lesson all the way to the end and finishing all my requirements Mom finally got me may long awaited Drum set at the age of “12”. My early Influences were the likes of : “ KISS, BTO, Bad Company, Grand Funk Railroad, Thin Lizzy, Zepplin, Black Sabbath 1973/74 Was in my first Band at “13” Named: “HourGlass” We played a few parties before splitting and moving on to new projects 1974/75 “RIDGEBACK” Rock band played numerous parties and school dances, Battle of the Bands, and played the Hollywood Club Circuit 1975/77 “ZEUS” Progressive Rock Band with a mixture of Originals and covers that were pretty well taken. This was my first Band that used Keyboards also 1977/79 “Jepetus” Hard Driving Rock Band: Lived together and made our own Studio out of the 3 car Garage ( good old egg crates) we did manage to do some pretty cool in house recording but regrettably none of these recording have managed to make to this era. In 1979 we had the opportunity to open a pretty large Music Festival but due to personal issues we had to pass Moved here to Texas 3 yrs ago Recent projects: Gregory Swint: Singer/Songwriter Multiple Gold Records 1 Double Platinum Record: He Wrote “Love A Little Stronger” Collaborated with Greg on 1 new song “Unconditionally Loved” which has been received very well and I put the first and only drum parts to 19 new songs yet to be released. Currently involved in a very unique project with another very talented guitarist: “C. Mac loughlin” co-founder of the “Trouble boys “ And “Whoa Trigger”. Mac also did a stint with “The Clash” And I have been seen on stage grooving a beat with long time blues man here in Austin TX. “Lightning Red” I like to play and enjoy all different types of music. I’ve found that I am very unique in that way. This is something that I feel all true Musicians should do and do well I am available for Session work, gigs and most Collaboration projects. Will do a tour for the right Project. I have Pro Gear all with cases 5 piece kit 3 or 4 cymbals and hats I do vocals background or lead if needed I do now and have always played by ear. So at this time I do not read Drum Charts, although I am looking into picking that up in the near future Samples of some of my work are available My Quote: “May your music always stay in time and may the Heart and Soul that you play with be easily heard”

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